Nets Vs Lakers LIVE LI HOOD

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The purpose of this song is to be a beautiful lo-fi sort of interlude in the Green tape. It comes at the approximate middle of the album and functions as the “half time” of the entire work. The song doesn't have any lyrics and is in contrast to the 90’s style grittiness of the rest of the album. Half time is a time when the players rest and things slow down. While working on the beat, Mike was just chilling watching some basketball and the news of KD and Kyrie signing with the Nets was circling the internet. The Lakers were favored that year and because of the big move by the nets their championship dreams were emerging. To imitate the duality of the tranquil nature of the piece compared to the rest of the album, it achieves a simple design, 2 hoodies reworked together more or less down the middle, in a gritty chaotic way. This piece takes a Lakers hoodie, and reworks it with a Nets hoodie in a way that lets the Nets logo look like it's ripping through the Lakers hoodie. Lastly the headphones are woven through extra button holes added to the piece, bringing texture to sound, weaving music and fashion.