The Elements Vol 2 | 2 vs 2 Breakin Battle for $2000, MUSIC FARM

The Elements Hip-hop Festival Vol 2: A Showcase of Breakin' Brilliance in Charleston

From May 27, 2023, to May 28, 2023, Charleston, South Carolina, witnessed the ultimate fusion of rhythm, style, and culture as Livelihood & D.O.A Crew presented The Elements Hip-hop Festival Vol 2. Hosted at the Music Farm, located at 32 Ann St, Charleston, SC, United States, the event was a celebration of the vibrant hip-hop scene in the heart of the South. At its core was a high-stakes 2 vs 2 breakin' battle, where crews competed for the coveted $2000 prize.

Bringing together some of the most respected figures in the hip-hop community, The Elements Vol 2 boasted a distinguished panel of judges. Leading the panel was Jeremy, representing Havikoro and Monster Energy, whose discerning eye for talent was matched only by his passion for the art form. Joining him were Frantic, a stalwart of The Carolinas scene, and King Quic, hailing from the legendary Mighty Zulu Kings.

Setting the beat for the battles were DJs IQ the Infamous and DJ Aswell, masters of their craft who kept the energy pumping throughout the night. The competition itself was fierce, with a bracket starting in the top 8. This included three invited crews, winners from the Southern Grooves 3 qualifier, and four crews selected from the intense preliminaries at The Elements.

Among the invited crews were Just Steez, Gen NC, Rock Force, and Just Rock, each bringing their unique flavor and style to the floor. Bboys like Snooze, Sandbox, No centss, Rubix, Morris, Kareem, Water, and Bankz showcased electrifying displays of athleticism, creativity, and sheer passion for the craft.

But The Elements Vol 2 was more than just a battle—it was a celebration of hip-hop in all its forms. Alongside the main event, attendees enjoyed live performances by Slim S.O.U.L and a headline set by the one and only MiKE L!VE. Graffiti art adorned the venue, providing a visual feast for the eyes, while a DJ showcase and more surprises awaited those in attendance.

As the night unfolded, the hip-hop community in Charleston and beyond was buzzing with excitement. The Elements Hip-hop Festival Vol 2 proved to be an unforgettable experience, where talent shone, beats dropped, and the spirit of hip-hop reigned supreme. The event left its mark, solidifying its place as a highlight in the cultural calendar of the South

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